Taste of Nepal

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Mmm… dirt…

Nepal is not very tasty.

This is a fairly large place. I'm starting to get the feeling that there's a correlation between restaurant size and restaurant quality. There are certainly a lot of good small places, but I find that the larger places are consistently fairly good. I guess they wouldn't get big unless they were good.

Nepali chulo special

A combination of #10 (Lamb ribs in yoghurt), #11 (Chicken marinated in cumin), and king prawns.

I say a prayer to the spirits, that they might ward away the coriander from my meal.

There a number of different pieces of meat here. They're all nicely cooked, but have an overwhelming amount of spice on them. The prawns are swimming in curry powder, and the chicken is encrusted with cumin. These tastes are not bad—just way over the top.

I listen to my small serving of spinach, but it doesn't seem to have anything good to say about me. So much for the complimentary bowl of spinach.

Laal Mohaan

Traditional, milk-based sponge cakes in rose syrup flavoured with green cardamom & served with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream.

The rose flavoured syrup isn't very strong, which just leaves me with these balls of soggy cake that taste like milk. I combine them with the ice cream, and they still taste like milk.

I'd better stop eating this. A herd of hungry calves is gathering at my window.