"No, U da berri!"

Tonight, we shall all be da berri.

This place has a wooden structure, low ceiling, and is dimly lit. It's very reminiscent of a sailing ship. I'm one of those salty seafarin' types.

Everyone's seated at a single bar.

I'll be starting with the pintxos, Basque entrees. Each is a single bite.

If something is a single bite, doesn't that mean it's actually zero bites? :)


Pan fried quail egg, candied pancetta: I want this to be more than just poached egg on toast, but it isn't. The granules of very hot chilli, and slight sweetness from the pancetta don't really add anything. 5/10

Banderilla - pickled garlic, guindilla, anchovy & olive: I'm braced for some outrageous flavour here, but all the components other than the anchovy have very similar tastes. The whole thing just tastes like one big green olive. 5/10

Sautéed portobello mushrooms

With egg yolk.

I puncture the egg yolk, and it disappears down the middle of the mushrooms. I wasn't expecting much from this, but the combination of squishy mushroom and slimy egg is actually very interesting. The taste of the mushroom is especially good. It's buttery, and slightly salty.

Tarta de queso

Basque cheesecake.

This has a milky taste. It's not like other cheesecakes. It's much creamier. It has a slight tang to it, which might be a taste from the cheese. I don't think there's any lemon in here.

The things here seem to be unreasonably cheap. I didn't eat a huge amount, but for another $5-10, I would've been full.

:( :( :( :(
Most expensive parking in Adelaide, on Hindley St.
Too many stools. DJ talking shop over the counter.