Victoria Hotel

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Right. This is a typical family pub. The bathroom tiles add appropriate ambience.

I scour the menu for something fancy, but only the steaks are above $20.

Since the place is inexplicably a steakhouse, I'll give them a fair go, by ordering one of their steaks.

For this episode of The Feed Report, I'm joined by my mum, but she doesn't eat much. :)

Graziers Tenderloin

This classic primal cut is grain finished for 100 days & is full in flavour aged to our specification with the supplier guarantee of ultimate flavour & tenderness

(That's the exact description, on the menu.)

The steak isn't really very tasty or tender, and the char-grilling just adds a sharp soot taste to every bite. The potent Diane sauce overcomes this to some extent, however. The Diane is just regular gravy, but with vinegar added. I'd rather have ordered the fish and chips my mum is hoeing into. At least that would be a 5/10.

The tangy, peppery potatoes are more interesting, and are worthy of fancy dining.

White chocolate pecan tart

Served with strawberries and cream.

This has the taste of pecans, but no other strong taste. It's only moderately sweet.

Mum is unimpressed with the white chocolate and raspberry pudding after one bite, so we swap.

White chocolate & raspberry pudding

Complete with nibbled end and dislodged sprig of mint.

This is more of a dense cake than a pudding, which isn't a bad thing. This cake has veins of strong berry taste through it, though it's not particularly sweet. It's a bit like a blueberry muffin, but moister.

The "pistachio praline" is like crushed-up lolly. I use the raspberry syrup to glue the praline to pieces of the cake, but it's an unusual combination of textures and tastes.