Weinstadl Restaurant

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There is no internet coverage here. I'm reduced to using "Notes" to type out my report tonight, like some primitive barbarian beating a rock against another rock. I tell the head waiter I have a booking for one. He tells me about SBS's Table for One, apparently on every New Years Eve. An odd introduction, but I'll make a note of it for December 31. The place is like a big house, and the main dining room is like someone's lounge room, but bigger. It's carpeted, and there are German ornaments everywhere. The music playing is a radio station. That's fine, other than the ads.

Roast Duck Legs

With a Grand Marnier flavoured orange sauce, served with Spaetzle (a pasta) The duck is soft, and fairly tasty. Its gloopy, slightly orangey sauce is simple yet palatable. The Spaetzle reminds me of macaroni and cheese. They're little salty, tasty rinds of pasta. There's nothing but parsley on them, but they're good enough by themselves. This food is very reminiscent of home cooking, but done as well as it can be. It's not amazing, but it's good, and even more so because of how simple it is.

Palatschinken "Weinstadl"

Pancake filled with ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, and roasted nuts. The pancake is just a pancake. It's not sweet. It's wrapped around a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. The chocolate sauce needs to stand out here, but it doesn't. It's really weak.

This ends my "Hills of Feed" series of the Feed Report. I've now been to every fancy restaurant in or near Adelaide (that serves dinner.)

Stay tuned for more feedings ahead.