Weinstadl Restaurant

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I award this place the award for "most looks like someone's house, and not a restaurant."

There are a few different interconnected rooms here. The first features a hand-painted ibis. The second has a row of ornamental flasks. The third has a GIANT SCYTHE hanging over the door. :/

Weinstadl - Teller

Grilled medallions of pork served with mushroom sauce, crispy bacon and Spaetzle.

The proprietor recommends this to me, because I had the duck last time.

Restaurateurs increasingly know who I am, or have some idea. Does this mean I'm famus now? :)

The pork is reasonably well-done, but is juicy, and has a thin crisp on the outside.

There's something tasty in here. The bacon and mushroom add a bit if taste, but there's a sweetness to the gravy. It's a simple, pleasant taste. Update: it's a stock they've made.

The spaetzle - little clumps of pasta - is far nicer than it should be. Maybe it's full of butter or something, but I can't stop eating these little clusters.

The vegetables have a tangy cheese sauce on them. I can't help but devour them too.

The food here was rather similar to what I had last time, but this place seems to have found a few very simple, strong flavours, and stuck with them.

Viennese Apple Strudel

Served with cream & ice cream.

The pastry of the strudel is thin and crispy. It's an interesting texture, but it adds no taste. The apple has a cinnamon taste, but no real strong apple taste.

This is all quite pleasant, but it lacks the strong tastes of the main course.