Windy Point

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After winding my way through the foothills, a stranger at the service station eventually points me in the direction of Windy Point.

The view of the city here is amazing. I’ve never been to anywhere with a view of Adelaide like this. It’s like looking out from a spaceship.

Orroroo Kangaroo Saddle

On puy lentils, beetroot, babaganouj and Persian feta.

Will take 40 minutes. Apparently Skippy has an adventure to go on first.

Food arrives in 15 minutes.

The kangaroo is tasty, meaty, and chewy, which is expected for kangaroo. It’s cut into thick strips, that really accentuate this un-delicateness of the meat. It’s perfectly cooked – just enough to be pink, but not bloody.

The lentils and beetroot are very mild, but form a good base for the surprisingly-good Persian fetta. The fetta is creamy, yet bitey, and is a perfect accompaniment to the kangaroo. The babaganouj is hiding for most of the meal, and doesn’t really add anything, as it fights with the fetta.

Baked Crépe

Filled with glacé fruit and ricotta, served with a winter fruit salad and double cream.

The “Earl Grey panna cotta” was hard to resist, but panna cotta is available almost everywhere.

These rolled-up pancakes are sweet and lemony, but their ricotta innards are almost savoury, which is a big let-down. There’s not much to say about the cream and fruit salad.

After receiving feedback, the waitress returns, to let me know that the chef says the crépes’ contents aren’t supposed to be sweet.

Well, that’s okay then. :| It’s a bit like the Lebanese place recently who also “replied” to my feedback, by telling me that their food was based on an ancient recipe, and had been done that way for a thousand years.

- Expensive bottled water added to bill. Removed when I spotted it.