Zoe’s Restaurant

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Friendly waiter, but takes w while to return to take my order.

Massive incident of plate and glass-smashing behind the counter. Authentic Greek.


Chicken and lamb with fetta cheese, semi-dried tomatoes, mushroom, onion, lettuce, tzatziki and Greek herbs & spices.

There’s no genius in deconstructed yiros, but this DIY Yiros Kit was acceptable food. The melange of chicken, lamb and a large amount of mushroom all really blended together. The mushroom shouldn’t have been part of the meat part of the dish. It just added blandness. The semi-dried tomatoes were needed here, but were thin on the ground.

I think this restaurant has been miscategorised on Urbanspoon. It’s more along the lines of a takeaway shop than fine dining. No restaurant in this price category should be serving chips as part of a main course, or have “ice cream with topping” on the dessert menu. I’ll return to the Goody if I want good value pub food.


Baked semolina custard encased in filo pastry. Waiter seems to pronounce the whole name in two syllables. I’m suspicious.

The internal custard is stodgy and bland. I’m aware that these things are not supposed to be too sweet, but this one didn’t make up for it in any other way. The pastry was a damp and textureless, and a dollop of cream isn’t an appropriate garnish for a dessert that’s primarily comprised of custard.