Zucca Greek Mezze

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Everything's mezze tonight. It's going to be a variety of small dishes.

These dishes are for two, so I'm going to order one at a time. That's my new strategy for mezze/tapas. It's easy to order too much feed, and be left in the terrible position of not having any room for 'zert.

Braised Clare Valley Lamb

Orzo pasta, kefalotiri (a Greek cheese)

The meat is bathed in a kind of a winy-tomatoey tasting sauce. It's pleasant, but it's the only real flavour. The meat is crumbly and flavourless.

The little pieces of pasta look exactly like arborio rice, but they have no taste or texture, so it doesn't matter. :)

Everything here is overwhelmingly meat, so I decide to skip another course of mezze, and head straight to the important part—zert!!!

Mezze plate

Selection of homemade desserts.

Since we're in Greece, I'll go right to left. :)

The baklava is chunky. There's no almond paste in here. It's all big chunks. It's somewhat dry and savoury, but this isn't a negative. Much more interesting than regular baklava. 7/10

The semolina cake has a fairly solid texture. It has a slight almond taste, but is just too much like a big solid block of dry, tasteless cake. 5/10

The cream kataifi is a spectrum of complementary sweet and mushy tastes—custard, cream, honeyed shredded wheat. 7/10

The shortbread is a very crumbly biscuit. It has about as much taste as pie crust. I labour through the piece I've put in my mouth. 4/10

The Turkish delight has a very muted flavour. Often, Turkish delight is overpoweringly sweetened or flavoured, but here, it's very mild. 8/10

Parking. Always use boom gate car parks here. Don't "(pre)pay and display" and then rush your dinner, or try to find a free park in the suburbs.